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Loleatta Holloway

First place in Aylesbury Bar Med bar-heat

28th November 2001

James wins the top spot in the bar-heat; the forth heat out of a draw of four, securing himself a place in the final.  Eight DJs competed in each heat, but only 4 DJs out of 32 would make it to the final - James was one of them!

In what was the first battle in several stages of the competition to find Bar Med's King of the Decks, an unusual twist of fate found James pitted against his friend Richard Meek.  A fortunate 22:45 slot plucked from the hat insured James with a primetime 20-minute slot in which to show off his talents.  Twenty minutes is a very short space of time considering the average DJ will play 3 maybe 4 tunes in 20 minutes - James played 7.  Albeit two were acappella tracks, but 7 records in 20 minutes, James showed the crowd that he was not only confident, but that he knew his records, was consistent and precise, and not least knew how to have fun!  The judges too were clearly impressed, naming him in the winner announcement as James "the nutter" Weston.

In just a few minutes from the start of James’ set, the floor was welling up with people, peaking when James threw down a bootleg remix of Kylie's recent number one hit, Can’t Get You Outta My Head.  One girl nearly pulled James over the turntables so she could know his number in order to vote for him.  All good things come to an end however, and what an amazing end as James finished off with a club classic from Pulse, The Lover That You Are.

James is set to play for a longer 45-minute stretch in the final for Aylesbury’s bar on 5th December 2001.  Proceedings kick off at 20:00.

Mix tracklist: Bar Med competition, Aylesbury