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Loleatta Holloway

High placement in the Aylesbury Bar Med final

5th December 2001

James placed a satisfying second out of 4 DJs in Bar Med's King of the Decks final at the Aylesbury bar.

In another lucky draw, James claimed a hot 22:30 time slot amidst the other competitors, but was apparently not close enough to beat Matt, a young DJ spinning many genres of commercial tunes.

Compared to the first stage of the competition, Bar Med was relatively empty on this first Wednesday night in December.  Finding people willing to dance (for any DJ) was just one hurdle, but couple this with only an hour's notice that each DJ would have to operate the microphone.

James felt he'd played an excellent set, dropping the hit Flawless by The Ones and the jewel that is Matthew Roberts' acappella of Apollo 440's Raw Power over Timo Maas' caned remix of Doom's Night by Azzido da Bass.  Showing confident use of the microphone, his friends said that they could actually hear what he was saying on the mic - not bad for a first time, and it makes a change from the mumbled mouthful we're used to from other DJs.

James remarked, “I'm more than satisfied with the result ... the competition was kind of going in a direction that I wasn't ... It was just great to be able to entertain people with a passion of mine!”

Mix tracklist: Bar Med competition, Aylesbury