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it’s what’s up front that counts!
Loleatta Holloway

Poorly organised competition, empty venue no surprise!

1st June 2002

The result of the “Pure Vinyl” DJ Competition is here.  However, first and foremost, the competition itself was a completely disorganised mess.  James turned up to an empty venue at 8pm where staff told him that he was not on their list; upon presentation of a document sent by Bar Med, James was accepted without question.  A couple of other DJs turned up and without any kind of announcement the competition had apparently started.  Only three out of eight DJs made an appearance, with the friends of the DJs making up the only other clientele at Bar Med on Monday 27th May!  The staff rightly decided not to hand out score cards because the result would have been biased.  Instead, after being told that he would receive a phone call the following day with a result, four days and five phone calls later, a disinterested James discovered he’d placed second.  “It was fun to be given free reign of the decks for twenty minutes," James commented “even if the sound system was crap and the DJ booth’s monitors were out of action!”  What is interesting though, is that James managed to cram a whopping nine 12-inch tracks into just twenty minutes!

Mix tracklist: Bar Med competition, Milton Keynes