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James Weston to play alongside Yousef and Lottie!?

22nd December 2002

Circus DJ Competition Winner.Let’s go straight to the core point here, James Weston is to play at Chibuku vs. Circus at The Masque Theatre in Liverpool on Boxing Day with a monster line-up that includes Yousef, Lottie and Onionz!

"How!?" You might say.  On 6th December Pete Tong announced on his Essential Selection radio show that Yousef was holding a competition; the prize was the opportunity for six unknown DJ’s to play for Circus at Chibuku vs. Circus on Boxing Day.  After visiting a page on Radio One’s web-site with entry details to Yousef’s Competition, James set to work on a mix-CD sending it Special Delivery a day before the deadline!  This week James received a phone call from Yousef inviting James to play on Boxing Day.  "It was weird," James enthuses, "It was like an old friend had called up.  Before he said who he was I thought, I know this guy, even though his name didn’t show on my mobile."  It took James a few days to collect his thoughts together and realise what had just happened, but now James is really excited to have been given this unique opportunity!  James remarks, "Yousef, and indeed Lottie have both given me a great deal of inspiration and motivation considering their relatively young life in the dance music industry.  This is going to be a great honour!"

Chibuku vs. Circus @ The Masque Theatre opens its doors on Seel Street in Liverpool on Thursday 26th December at 10pm where James Weston will play a 1-hour set, in a time-slot chosen at random with the other five unknown DJ’s.

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