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Loleatta Holloway

“Little bit of drum, little bit of bass”

30th May 2003

In an effort to become more dynamic to the needs of today's bars and dance-floors James Weston has announced Drum & Bass to be an additional style in his specialisation.  Second now to his first love, House music, Drum & Bass will start out as a fraction of his longer sets.  James is thrilled and remarks, "It'll certainly add some spice to my sets.  I want to keep my crowd captivated, enthused and entertained."  James will only deviate from House music where necessary.  "I don't think crowds in bars, for example, are really taking to 5 hours of House music - sure there's the classics and the mainstream, but I feel something else is needed to break it up a bit - Breaks.  Drum & Bass has always had a big place in my head, I remember, I shared some great times with a mate at Uni, spinnin' his fresh dub-plates since he couldn't mix himself.  I've got plenty of mixing experience!" James continues, "It's time I broadened my collection and listened to what else is out there; I want to share this with people."