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it’s what’s up front that counts!
Loleatta Holloway


11th June 2003

After a couple of somewhat disastrous attempts to introduce an, normally, R&B crowd to some soulful House music, FUNKtion has been put on hold for the foreseeable future.  Promoter and founder, DJ Macca, explains, "I admit, the crowd is difficult to win at the moment, but in addition, the poor level of professional conduct I've received from the bar's staff over recent months is fucking unacceptable.  My energy at this time is better used in working projects such as my new position at Delish in Leicester."  DJ Macca has recently replaced Chris Rogers' role in the Delish team as general promoter and manager.  Looking back, James Weston has gained a great deal of experience in the past year since his first play at FUNKtion in Aylesbury and recognises change is good to keep spirits alive, motivated and kicking!  James is also very thankful for the friendships formed with the other excellent DJ's in the group.