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Loleatta Holloway


29th February 2004

Happy Leap Day?!  Just an update on various things.

The broadcast from the RadioPluss Feedback show on Valentine’s Day is now available to downloadA rough translation from their web-site, courtesy of Øyvind, says “Tomorrow you’ll be able to hear James Weston (UK) in Feedback Mix.  He’s given us a God damn funky House set, which you can’t afford to miss by any circumstances.  Find out more about this guy and his style at”

Next confirmed gig is in St. Albans as Delish tries a new venue for size, The Bell.  Juicy James Weston will play alongside the scrumptious Slim Jim Lansdown and there’ll most likely be some delicious back-to-back action too ;-)  More info in Forthcoming Gigs.

Make a special note in your calendar for 5th June in Oxford where James Weston will be playing alongside Sisters in Sound at Simple.  It’s going to be a hot, hot night and it always attracts the right crowd - it’s all about the music, pure and simple...!  Rumours as well that James and SiS are going to be teaming up on a new venture.  Stay tuned.

Talking of feedback, if you’ve got any, anything about the mixes, the web-site (as it’s constantly being updated), make sure you get in touch and have your say, good or otherwise.