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Website version 3.0

17th August 2005

It’s been well overdue as far as I’m concerned and something (as well as Simple's website) which has been holding up progress on this site, but I’ve finally rewritten the back-end HTML and CSS of my website.  The layout may look much the same as with the last three years after version 2.0 was launched – a radical improvement over the very basic 1.0 – however, this sleek tweak not only employs the latest design thinking and web standards; it’s also greatly optimised towards search engines.  I’m fairly confident that its design is also browser independent, although I’ve only rigorously tested in Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 1, which are, let’s face it, the only browsers you’ll ever really need (plus the Mac equivalent).  As always, with any ‘software’ roll-out there’s always the odd bug waiting to crawl from under a stone, so if you spot any, please do shout!  The actual text of the site is also being rewritten bit by bit and you’ll notice that news items from 2005 will be written by me [now in a 'blog style].

In other news, I've finished part one of a new promo mix which will be up on the website very soon; it's a bit of a lounge affair with part two next up, pumping some dirty mofo rollers!  The chart, I know, is in some serious need of updating, but I might have an interesting way of delivering my chart in the pipeline soon, so stay tuned on that.


21st August 2005

My chart has been brought up to date.

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