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Loleatta Holloway

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10th January 2006

I've got a new web host for!  Basically I was getting tired of the limitations of my previous web host.

I'd been looking around for a while, shopping around a bit, yada yada, when - right place, right time, PC Pro published a review of some top web hosts.  One of them I had my eye on already but it received a favourable review and had a hefty Internet connection compared to the others.  For the techies, there were a few must-have features that I needed which lead to time finding my new host, including: Linux; mod_rewite enabled; multiple domain name capability (for my other projects...); large bandwidth amount for my mix streams (because previously I've had to 'borrow' from work ;) ); etc.  Anyway, the choice was 1&1 Internet logo.1&1 Internet.  Check it out; I'm quite pleased with my choice.  As experience has taught me, it pays to research and shop around.


11th May 2006

Yep, I'm still happy with my decision to move web hosts.  It's enabled me to consolidate a lot of things such as e-mail and storage.  There are the inevitable support issues which crop up in this DIY arena, but the 1&1 staff are fairly responsive and helpful although I've not had much need to contact them.