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I'm on Ministry of Sound Radio!

11th May 2006

Well how about that?!  I’m on Ministry of Sound Radio on Saturday night, 13th May between 19:00 and 21:00 live and direct from the MoS studios at the club in London.

It’s all a bit short notice really, but you know what all these other top DJs keep saying how they got to where they are, and that was being in the right place the right timeSean Holbrook, Simple resident buddy, had a date in his diary for ages to represent Simple on House Trained’s fortnightly show and things just caught up with him I guess - sudden as it was, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and I hope you can join me.  Also great mate and Simple ressie, Em Williams is spinning in Poland this weekend so it’s a shame she can’t join us.

Expect to hear some up-front tunage with a mix from Sean and one from me and then a bit of a classics session as we take you through seven years of Simple, back-to-back.  Represent!  Go and listen live to MoS Radio now...


18th May 2006

What a great experience - quite laid back too; I’d say perhaps too laid back because none of us really knew how to work much of the studio, and sadly Sean and I weren’t close enough to the microphone for our brief interview - and I forgot the photo opportunity! :(  Anyway, I got a sneaky recording off the web and chopped out my bit for your aural pleasure.  For the full thing, including the one-sided interview, head on over to Simple’s website where the full stream of the show will be available soon.  To Ministry of Sound Radio’s credit, I would of course say go and listen to the show again on their website, but the archive is disorganised and waaaay out of date, so until then...

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