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Loleatta Holloway


28th February 2007

I've posted another live mix recorded at January's Slide in Oxford.  Has to be said, it's a corker; the crowd did me proud!

"Another live mix?" I hear you say... Yes, it's been well over a year since I put together a studio mix for off-the-floor listening but there's a bloody good reason for it... well, maybe a few.  Firstly, I've been creeping more and more into the digital realm; yep, sorry, born and raised on 12" Vinyl, I've made the controversial switch to downloads and the Compact Disc - that's legal downloads, kids; let's keep the scene alive - this has the unfortunate knock on effect, however, of "what the fuck do I mix them on?"  Y'see, I'm a bit of a poor sod now I've got a mortgage to take care of; I've only got one CDJ, and even then it's only a Pioneer 100S!

So it's time I made some changes.  I've been looking around but the choices aren't clear.  However I think I'm very close to settling on a DJ-friendly MIDI controller for my PC that will stand the test of time, complete with DJ software, so I can at least produce a mix here.  Let's say I'm leaning more towards Serato Scratch LIVE than Ableton Live ;)  I like the hands-on performance approach to DJing y'see; it's more involving for my audience.


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