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it’s what’s up front that counts!
Loleatta Holloway

Live at Simple with Riva Starr

8th April 2009

One of those nights when the inertia of the crowd was never quite enough to feel like we had enough bodies on the dancefloor.  In hindsight, the night had unfortunately been timed too close to Easter and student exams.  The music, however, was top notch.  I realise I'm partly blowing my own trumpet by saying that, but I think I'm allowed to pat myself on the back every once in a while for a wholly improvised warm-up set.  Especially given the delicate balance of numbers on the dancefloor.

A couple of exceptions though (there always are!): we'll ignore the heavy few tracks at the end of my set (I really should have researched Riva's sound more); also, kinda spoiling a lot of the mix, a drunk guy randomly shouting throughout (git).  Sigh.  So a pretty hairy night all round.  And look at me; due for a haircut too!  Still, the music; top notch, yeah?  Hosted on Simple's website; go get it.

Felt bad for Riva Starr in a way.  I know he gets paid big sums regardless (we made a big loss), but no DJ enjoys playing to half a room.  Really nice guy though.  He's promised to send me promos and offered me some time with him in his studio.  Sweet.  Every cloud...