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it’s what’s up front that counts!
Loleatta Holloway

Live at Simple vs. Wahalla

13th September 2009

YES! It's nights like these that keep the dream alive.  Despite numbers being low due to students being out of town, we held a consistent crowd through to closing.  Last weekend I was joined at Simple by Si Yeats from Wahalla for what has so far been an annual showdown of wit and whimsy.  Si and I went back-to-back for the whole night, just building and building and building; not a wobbly bassline in earshot.  Si had no Kostas, I had no Em, and with it being such an intimate night, it was also a very self-indulgent night, musically; it's not often I get to play out deep and tech House these days.  Fortunately I knew most of the regulars in that night would happily roll with it.  Oh, and I got to play some old bits on vinyl.  Quick, leave before I 'gasm; go grab the mix, all three hours of it! :-)