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it’s what’s up front that counts!
Loleatta Holloway

Live at Simple with Jack Beats

25th November 2009

Jack Beats, or Jack Beat; there was only one of JBs who joined us at Simple at the beginning of November.  Regardless, Beni G torn us a new one; took us a bit by surprise actually.  The Bully was rammed pretty early on and sweat was dripping off the ceiling all night.  I had the pleasure of warming up just before Beni so I dropped a lot of wobbly party basslines.  Then I joined Em Williams back-to-back afterwards in front of a riotous crowd for a tech/techno fest.  Head over to the mixes page; they're hosted on Simple's website.

The bigness doesn't stop there, oh no.  On Friday I'm at Fuse in Oxford with another scratch pervert, Fake Blood, alongside compadre Lee Mortimer.  Then, the following weekend we're back at the Bully already with Erol Alkan!  Anticipation mounting!