Huge tunes chart


A heavy bassline is my kind of silence
Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal

A run-down of what’s getting the most plays in the club, out in a field and on my .mp3 player.

March 2009 chart

A run-down of what's getting the most plays on my .mp3 player and in the club.

  1. Jack Beats feat. MC Dynamite - What [Foamo unreleased mix] (Cheaper Thrills)
  2. The Bulgarian - This is How [KiNK remix] (Erase)
  3. La Roux - In For the Kill [Skream vs. Foamo remix] () download
  4. Tee' Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Love & Change [Defunct!s Wham! mix] (Satan's Circus)
  5. Tee' Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Jacket Potato House (Wearhouse)
  6. Lee Mortimer - Where The Party At [TEED remix] (Wearhouse)
  7. Wasabi feat. Rochelle Vincente von K & Product 01 - Dirty Disco Lovr [The Bulgarian mix] (Erase)
  8. DJ Sneak vs. Hervé - Droppin' Kisses [Hervé club mix] (CR2)
  9. Tee' Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Jack Da Ripper [Lee Mortimer remix] (Wearhouse)
  10. Dave Spoon - Lummox (Televizion)
  11. ZZT - The Worm [Erol Alkan re-edit] (Turbo)
  12. Aquilaganja & Wonk - Phat Jak [Nick Supply mix] (Ho-Ju)
  13. Tee' Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Raw [dirty mix] (Bomb Squad)
  14. Mowgli - Amore [JW edit] (Dead Fish)
  15. Laidback Luke vs Justin Martin - Demon's Noize [Riva Starr rechunk] () download

Off my beaten track

  1. Cagedbaby - Forced [full force Idiotproof remix] (Southern Fried)
  2. Milton Jackson - Crash (Freerange)
  3. Reboot - Vandong (Below)
  4. Christian Smith & John Selway - Move! [Steve Angello remix] (Tronic)
  5. Cevin Fisher - Freaks Come Out [Idiotproof remix] (Made to Play)