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James Weston is a DJ.  Things started with an enthusiasm for rave keys and synths (okay, happy hardcore), circa '92/3.  The Prodigy Experience dropped, a wide-eyed trip to an 'under-age rave' was made, and then upon hearing his first Sasha Essential Mix in '95 the course was set.  Clubbing, gigging and with turntables by '96, James was amassing vinyl in crate quantities (yep) ready for Leicester uni, which saw his first 'stage' gig (no-one danced).  Thinking about a path to success James participated in several competitions, one of which got him a personal call from Yousef to play a set at Circus in Liverpool (tick!).  In 2003/4 James had discovered Cowley Road in Oxford and it wasn't long before he got his first gig at Simple following a mix he gave Nick Gladwin.  Having no crowd to bring to the table it was through sheer perseverance (dancing, loitering and helping at every event since), not to mention the odd radio and festival performance, that James has become an integral part of the Simple family where he gets his fix, in the mix, warming up for all colours of dance music legend.  Today James versatilely plays the spectrum of house to techno, using a unique exhaustive method for researching and buying (yes, kids) new music, all with a distinctive jackin' tinge for good measure.  "It's a body thing," Eddie Amador reliably informs us.  Full biography...

What you’ve said

“James Weston [...] highly regarded purveyor of dirty, bass-laden house music

John Mitchell in the Guardian Guide previewing Inland Knights (Feb 2009).

“James Weston dropped some more acidic and twisted beats [...] as the set climaxed the rush for the podium reached fever pitch [...] much to the crowd’s delight”

Matt Wilkins in a review for set with Lottie (Jul 2005).

“James Weston legend!! Em, Nick - Thanks guys i had a blast last night!!! Hopefully catch u ull soon xxx”

Doorly (International DJ, Wax:on & Ibiza Rocks resident) on Twitter about night at Simple (Mar 2010).

“James, Fake Blood, you guys were INSANE! Nice one James for dropping Ellie Goulding under the sheets!  went down a treat!”

Teddy Hale (Oxford club-goer) on Twitter about gig with Fake Blood (Nov 2009).

“Your tune selection and mixing is spot on! ... wonderful atmosphere and a wicked night, thank you.”

Wendy Hesketh & Seth Allan (Wired Aerial Theatre Company & Manumission entertainers) in person about nights at Delish in 2003 & 2004.

“Good meeting you last night mate. Epic set as well to top off an amazing night”

Michael Cromwell (Oxford club-goer) on Twitter about gig with Erol Alkan (Dec 2009).

“Congrats.. there was a LOT of entries... and I mean bin liners full (in a Blue Peter style).”

Richard McGinnis (Chibuku / Circus promoter) by e-mail about Circus DJ comp mix (Dec 2002).

“Thanks you.  We were glad to have you over.  See you soon.”

Yousef (International DJ and Circus founder) by e-mail about Circus DJ competition (Dec 2002).

“Big thanks to James Weston, Angel Anders and Judge Jules for playing at A Night Of Sound! You were AMAZING!”

Don’t Lose The Music (RNID campaign) on Twitter about playing at A Night Of Sound with Judge Jules (Jan 2010).

“Compared to other peoples' demo CDs they’ve sent in, yours is better than a lot of them.”

Phineas Kibbey (Faceparty co-founder) by e-mail about Faceparty’s Festival of Dreams.

“that cd is epic man, lovin the claasic tune erotic discorse, so sick how the cd looks like vinyl! thanks for lst night”

George Tuffin (Oxford club-goer) on Twitter about the Simple & Slide Boat Party (Aug 2009) recording.

“James Weston: "the friendliest DJ in the world": fact.”

Rhiannon Kitson (of Wahalla and Rhiannon Kitson Photography) on Facebook.

“Just wanted to say how I think your CD is wicked.  It’s helping me through these cold mornings to work!  Top, top tunes, mate!”

Em Williams (AKA Black Neon) by SMS about Loony Lounge Lark (May 2005).

“...loved the acapella work and the chopping up of the Rhodes into the next track was wickid...”

Danny .S. (DJ & Producer, by e-mail about Circus DJ comp mix (Dec 2002).

“I’ve been following your mixes on your website for a while, and I must say I really like what I hear ... I love your selection of tunes as well as your mixing!”

Øyvind Strand Endal (AKA DJ Endal of Radio+, Norway) by e-mail.

“That is a cracking mix mate, I love it!! Cheers for the support on Swung Low too!! ... I’m no celeb DJ or anything but I am a house head to the core and I know a good mix when I hear one!! ... Keep up the quality work!!”

Ashley Roberts (of Fazed Music) by e-mail about set with Tom Middleton (Apr 2007).

“Legend, love the mixes [...] your boat mix is a wee bit naughty, lovin it! Will have to get my ass up when your next doing a gig!”

Travis Hayler (of DR Solutions) on Facebook about the Simple & Slide Boat Party (Aug 2009) mix.

“Love your work mate.  I was at Out To Graze, your sets on both days was class.  Keep up the good work.  The Saturday one has been rinsed to death!”

Nick Marshall (from Abingdon) by e-mail about sets at Out to Graze (Jun 2008).

“Cheers for playlisting our tune, support appreciated!”

Chris (of Stupid Fresh) by e-mail about Bank Holiday Love Boat (Aug 2006) mix.

“Blimey James! What a wicked CD, it’s a corker.  You’re one hell of a DJ!  [website] Design & layout is fantastic and the info you’ve included says it all”

Amy Williams (Simple regular) by e-mail about Dark Filthy Club Mix (Oct 2003).

“...mate, mate, mate - it absolutely rocked!  Not just saying that to keep friendly it was a really top set.  It was the first time for a couple of our friends and they (we all) were absolutely digging it - and it looked like you were enjoying it too which is always cool.”

Ged (of Platform 3) by e-mail about set with Rennie Pilgrem (Nov 2006).

“Dude, love what u do!!! I’m an amateur dj just starting out [...] Any good advice?”

Deejay Westy on Facebook.


Kostas G (producer and Wahalla resident) on Facebook.

“I as a DJ have got some great tips from some of your mixes.  Cheers for that by the way.  You’re a stylish mixer.  Keep It Funky man!!!”

Michael Carberry (AKA Cabzy, Co. Longford & Co. Donegal Ireland) by e-mail.

“Great mixing ... your website is excellent, I love to visit it and have enjoyed many times, keep the dream alive, respect mate.”

Brian Currie by e-mail.

“... it’s excellent.  I planned to have a quick scan of it this morning but I enjoyed it so much I ended up listening to it in full swing and then missed my lecture!”

Liam O’Brien (Chibuku / Circus club-goer) by e-mail about Circus DJ comp mix (Dec 2002).

“What a wicked CD...”

Dion Morgan (AKA Gwynfor) (Chibuku / Circus club-goer) on the Chibuku forum about Circus DJ comp mix (Dec 2002).

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