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Who is this doin’ this synthetic type o’ alpha beta psychedelic funkin’?
Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

Dark Filthy Club Mix

A demo mixtape by James Weston from October 2003

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This mixtape is the second in a demo set. It was instrumental in securing my first gig at Simple, Oxford, in May/June 2004. The first in the set was the Bright Sexy Bar Mix.


  • 000:00 Propellerheads - Dive! (Wall Of Sound)
  • Motif - Let The Madness Begin [Accapellas] (Z)
  • 004:31 Dr. Kucho & Wally Lopez - No Fireworks (La Factoria)
  • Range of Motion - What U Mean To Me [A Capella] (Ovum)
  • 009:28 DJ Triple A - Running (Dis-funktional)
  • Basco - The Beat Is Over [[Sure is Pure dub] Rhythmic's extended intro] (Concrete/CD-R)
  • 011:12 Dominica - I'll be waiting (Advance)
  • R-One - Happy TV [This Is Voice] (Royal Flush)
  • 015:38 R-One - Happy TV (Royal Flush)
  • Eddie Amador - House Music [[Filterheadz mix] Rhythmic's extended intro] (Yoshitoshi/CD-R)
  • 022:34 Flickman - Lovely Grass [Fuzzy Hair club mix] (Sound Division)
  • 026:53 Raiders - Delicious Superstitious (white)
  • 031:21 Topazz - New Millennium [Scaravillenium mix] (Reverb)
  • 034:33 Fatboy Slim - Everybody Needs A 303 [tweakers' delight] (Skint)
  • 035:46 David Guetta - Just A Little More Love [elektro edit] (Virgin)
  • 038:39 Rhythm Masters - Underground (Neo)
  • Phats & Small - Respect The Cock [Rhythmic's baggage reclaimed acappella] (Multiply/CD-R)
  • 042:58 Way Out West - Mindcircus [[Phunk Investigation unreleased mix] Rhythmic's case re-opened] (Distinct'ive/CD-R)
  • 049:56 Pump Solution - What You Gonna Do (white)
  • Bebel Gilberto - Close Your Eyes [Rhythmic's baggage reclaimed acappella] (Warner/CD-R)

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