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Who is this doin’ this synthetic type o’ alpha beta psychedelic funkin’?
Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

Dicing with Disco

Get your groove on with James Weston's studio DJ mixtape from July 2004

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55:40 / 38Mb


  • 000:00 Da Mighty Dub Katz - Work It Work It (Southern Fried)
  • Basco - The Beat Is Over [[Sure is Pure dub] Rhythmic’s extended intro] (Concrete/CD-R)
  • 004:22 The Jackford Files - Phuck Dat (white)
  • 009:24 Trouble Men - Hands Together (Kif)
  • 011:25 Natural Rhythm - Fling (Amenti Music)
  • Eddie Amador - House Music [[Filterheadz Mix] Rhythmic’s extended intro] (Yoshitoshi/CD-R)
  • 017:27 Brian Tappert - Feels Good (Soulfuric Trax)
  • Deep Swing - Diva [chorus acappella] (Tinted)
  • 023:44 BBT - Oh Yeah! (white)
  • Trouble Men - Hands Together (Kif)
  • 030:32 Full Intention pres. The Rule - I Need Your Love (Subliminal)
  • Goodfellas - Soul Heaven [Rhythmic’s keep-it-cominappella] (CD-R)
  • 036:34 Håkan Lidbo - Below 14th Street (Nextera)
  • 041:29 Gant Garrard - House Circuis (Tree House)
  • Eric Prydz - Slammin’ [acappella] (Credence)
  • 046:31 Marco Funari - Red Box (SI Project)
  • 050:47 Angelo D’onorio - First Time (Mid-nite Sessions)

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