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Who is this doin’ this synthetic type o’ alpha beta psychedelic funkin’?
Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

Simple pres. Residents’ Night

recorded live performance, December 2004

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The first recorded live mix to be made available from James Weston.  Mixed on 3 decks between 22:20-00:05 on 4th December 2004 at Simple in Oxford as warm-up to the residents.  Read more...


  • 000:00 Roomsa feat. Lady Sarah - Sunrise (Come With Me) [JT’s Bassmental Vocal] (Salted Music)
  • Eddie Amador - House Music [[Filterheadz Mix] Rhythmic’s extended intro] (Yoshitoshi/CD-R)
  • 005:09 Krafty Katz - The Katz Groove (white)
  • 009:48 DJ Vitamin D - Addicted (Sure Player Black Label)
  • Britney Spears - Toxic (Too High...) [Rhythmic’s “everyone likes a bit of Brit at the baggage reclaim” a cappella] (CD-R)
  • 016:16 Joey Youngman - So Philthy (Blockhead)
  • 021:16 CZR - Subterranean Odyssey (Nocturnal)
  • 026:08 Raiders - Delicious Superstitious (white)
  • 031:15 Disconation vs. Najib - Cross The Dancefloor [Nick Furry’s prime time dub] (Le Bien et le Mal)
  • Goodfellas - Soul Heaven [Rhythmic’s “keep the baggage acomin’” a cappella] (CD-R)
  • 037:06 Soulsearcher - Feelin’ Love [dub] (CD-R)
  • 041:00 Kid Crème feat. Shurakano - Doing My Own Thing [mix 2] (Illegal Beats)
  • 045:27 Dylan Rhymes - Salty (CD-R)
  • 051:18 Vantage Point - Can’t Get It Wrong [Monkey Bars motocross mix] (Subliminal)
  • 057:39 Cargo 77 - More Than This [original club mix] (Raw4Real)
  • 063:07 Angelo D’onorio - First Time (Mid-nite Sessions)
  • 068:21 Halo & Hipp-e - Got Da Feeling (Moody)
  • BBT - God’s Child [a cappella] (white)
  • 073:41 Mutiny - Holding On (CD-R)
  • 077:56 unknown artist - Not Forgotten (white)
  • 081:48 Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv (AM:PM)
  • 086:31 Agent 001 - When Pigs Fly (Reversible)
  • 089:15 Erick Morrillo, Harry Romero & José Nuñez feat. Jessica Eve - Dancin’ [2003 remix] (ID&T)
  • 094:34 Max Linen feat. Keithen Carter - Flashback (Phonetic)
  • 101:32 Deepgroove - Jus’ Luv Piano (CD-R)

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