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Slide & Simple's Very Good Friday with Tom Middleton

James Weston's mix recorded live in April 2007

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78:19 / 54Mb

Slide's crowd at the Zodiac in Oxford. Photo credit: Jonathan Davis.'twas a very Good Friday and a beautiful Easter weekend, so here's a recording of it to ease you into the 4-day week ahead.  It's a live-recorded warm-up set so it starts off light and builds and builds to some squelchy goodness; featuring the likes of Jacob London, Inland Knights, Lee Mortimer, Jesse Rose, Discouraged Ones, Hervé, Sound Republic, Trevor Loveys and of course, Style of Eye :)  This seamless mix of music took place roughly between 23:00-00:30 on 6th April 2007 at The Zodiac in Oxford.


  • 000:00 Demarkus Lewis - Swung Low [Miles' low swung mix] (Fazed Music)
  • 004:30 Budai & Vic feat. Julio - I Feel You Closer [Natasza & Oscarsix remix] (I Love Deep)
  • 008:13 Gawron Paris - Don't Stop Dis (Nordic Trax)
  • 015:32 Jacob London - I Love Pressure Washing (Titbit Music)
  • 019:22 Maluando - Tekyfunk, On (Bros Music)
  • 024:45 Eri Nobuchika - I Hear Music in My Soul [Mutiny's special edition remix] (Sony)
  • 029:30 Inland Knights - Wait a While (Drop Music)
  • 034:38 Lee Mortimer - Dat Thing (white)
  • 040:08 2020 Soundsystem - Can't Stop the Crew [Jesse Rose main dub] (2020 Vision)
  • 043:43 Discouraged Ones - Kamasutra (Funkfield)
  • 048:34 The Bulgarian - Loop Poop (Second Session)
  • 053:09 Hervé - What You Need The Most (Dubsided)
  • 057:15 The Bald & The Beautiful - Double Dutchin' (Odori)
  • 061:15 Sound Republic & J Todd - Imaginary Lover (Spatula)
  • 065:21 Chuck Love with Fourfeet - Beautiful Thang [Trevor Loveys' tenderloin tug & rub mix] (Om)
  • 069:40 Paul Johnson - Hot [Nicolas Vallee remix] (Black Jack)
  • 073:37 Style of Eye - U Want [Style of Eye Bumpdub] (Bump Music)

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