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Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

Simple's Residents' Party

recorded live performance, July 2007

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98:03 / 67Mb

James Weston DJing in Oxford at The Bullingdon in July 2007.My mid to peak-time set recorded live for Simple between 23:30-01:00 on 7th July 2007 at The Bullingdon in Oxford.  This seamless mix of techy jackin' fidgety House music includes productions from Jacob London, Lee Mortimer, HiJack, The Bulgarian and to my surprise, especially large helpings of Trevor Loveys in this one :)


  • 000:00 Trevor Loveys - Finger Jackin' [edit] (Dubsided)
  • 004:18 Chuck Love with Fourfeet - Beautiful Thang [Trevor Loveys' tenderloin tug & rub mix] (Om)
  • 009:07 Trevor Loveys - Can't Stop (Dubsided)
  • 013:52 Digital Villains - Busted Speaker [Joey's buy a vowel remix] (Jackin' Tracks)
  • 019:18 Jacob London - Interest Rates Just Fell Again [Sound Republic mix] (.dotbleep)
  • 024:34 The Bald & The Beautiful - Double Dutchin' (Odori)
  • 027:47 HiJack - Can't Touch (On The Brink)
  • 032:49 Alex Holland - Put it to the Back of Your Mind [cheeky dub] (Dust Traxx)
  • 036:53 Johnny Fiasco - Blister (4Kenzo)
  • 041:00 Cue Ball & The Hustler AKA Pat Nice & Matthew Brian - All the Time [Lee Mortimer remix] (Edible Grooves)
  • 045:53 Andy Caldwell - Warrior [Claude VonStroke sharp toof mix] (Om)
  • 050:52 Paul Johnson - Hot [Nicolas Vallee remix] (Black Jack)
  • 054:22 Dave the Hustler & Detroit Grand Pubahs - Filth n Dirt [Speaker Junk local vocal] (Smoke & Mirrors)
  • 059:22 Dub Pistols feat. TK & JMS - Open [Trevor Loveys' open all hours re-jig mix] (Sunday Best)
  • 064:36 Crooker$ - Chippin it Up 4 A Killa [Trevor Loveys rework] (On the Brink)
  • 069:36 The Bulgarian - Listen Man (Second Session)
  • 073:36 Trevor Loveys - Organ Grinder (Dubsided)
  • 077:56 The Bulgarian - Uptown Jack (On the Brink)
  • 081:51 Housebreakerz - Pay My Dues [Hooligan dub] (Atlantic Jaxx)
  • 088:17 Tim Deluxe feat. Simon Franks - Let the Beats Roll [vocal dub] (Skint)
  • 092:39 The Prodigy vs. Mantrix - Smack My Beat Up (Reshape)

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