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Simple & Slide's Bank Holiday Boat Party #1

James Weston's mix recorded live in May 2008

Photo of James Weston DJing by Victoria Harper.

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All week it looked like this was going to be a wet one, but the rain held off, just about, and it was a welcome warm day.  The vibe on this boat gets better and better each trip, of which there are several each year and this was another sell out.  I was thrilled throwing this mix together; had no idea what I was gonna play although I'd bought some new tunes the night before that would obviously get a look in.  There's productions from my usual favourites like Lee Mortimer, HiJack, and there's also works from Stupid Fresh, Deadmau5, Jon Gurd, oh and a belter known only as Mr Whobble ;)

Photo of James Weston by Victoria Harper.

This mix was recorded live on 4th May 2008 on a boat on The Thames in Oxford for Simple & Slide.

Geeky note: as you may be able to tell, I've discovered the bit-crunch effect.


  • 000:00 The Loose Cannons - What Have You Done For Me Lately? [Stupid Fresh mix] (Government)
  • 006:25 Chromeo - Needy Girl [Boy 8-Bit's talk box dub] (Backyard)
  • 009:52 Elite Force & Meat Katie - Fabulous Mint 400 [Richard Dinsdale remix] (Lot 49)
  • 014:32 Chris Lake & Sébastien Léger - Word (Rising Music)
  • 020:11 HiJack - Shimmy (Potty Mouth)
  • 023:00 The Count of Monte Cristal - My Condition (Cheap Thrills)
  • 028:27 The Body Snatchers feat. Sporty & Yolanda - Call Me [Lee Mortimer's troll under the bridge mix] (Passenger)
  • 033:47 UHM & Tony Flexx - Our House (Music) [Nick Supply's housecat remix] (Secure)
  • 038:53 HiJack - Possessed (Potty Mouth)
  • 043:45 Deadmau5 vs. Jelo - The Reward is Cheese (Rising Trax)
  • 048:23 Mr Whobble - Mr Whobble [plastic mix] (Young NRG Productions)
  • 053:33 Jon Gurd - It's Only A Disco (Kill-a-Watt)
  • 057:47 Buick Project - Drop the Beat (Saved)
  • 062:53 Lee Mortimer - Fully Automated [Oliver $ remix] (Wearhouse)
  • 066:37 Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies [Stupid Fresh wizards in oz mix] (Vacation)
  • 071:19 Scott Cooper - Mad Run [Lee Mortimer remix] (Wearhouse)
  • 075:19 Armand van Helden - Je T'aime [Riva Starr remix] (Southern Fried)
  • 080:17 HiJack - Trouser Jazz (Jack Union)

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