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Simple & Slide's Bank Holiday Boat Party #2

James Weston's mix recorded live in May 2008

Photo of James Weston DJing by Andy Howarth.

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77:39 / 37Mb

What is it with bank holidays?  I mean, all we want is one day of half decent sunshine.  Fortunately, again, the clouds didn't piss themselves, but we'd arranged a more covered boat at short notice because the forecast looked like utter shite.  I'll say it again, the vibe on our boat parties get better and better each trip, and nearly every one is selling out so the reputation is preceding them and I'm so proud to be a part of them.  As you can tell from the pic I was more than a little hyped when I came off the decks (mine was the second slot of five).

Photo of James Weston by Dave Johnys.

I threw a bit of a curve ball at the start of my set and played some Jazz... yes, Jazz.  You'll hear why ;)  There's productions from Lee Mortimer, Worthy, Sébastien Léger, Riva Starr, and some bits on Second Session.

This mix was recorded live on 25th May 2008 on a boat on The Thames in Oxford for Simple & Slide.

Quality note: there's a little bit of distortion in the second half of the mix due to the system being ramped ;)


  • 000:00 Christian Prommer - Around the World (Sonar Kollektiv)
  • 001:30 Daft Punk - Around the World (Virgin)
  • 005:20 The Body Snatchers feat. Sporty & Yolanda - Call Me [Lee Mortimer's troll under the bridge mix] (Passenger)
  • 010:33 House D'Funk - Wet the System [Geoff K mix] (Second Session)
  • 014:35 Stupid Fresh feat. Stellar MC - Get the Fuck Up (Vacation)
  • 018:32 TJR - Sonic Chronic [Lee Mortimer remix] (Wearhouse)
  • 024:19 Elite Force & Meat Katie - Fabulous Mint 400 [Richard Dinsdale remix] (Lot 49)
  • 028:51 UHM & Tony Flexx - Our House (Music) [Nick Supply's housecat remix] (Secure)
  • 033:37 Agent Orange - 10 (Jacuzzi)
  • 038:00 Riva Starr - Scratch 'n' Itch (Southern Fried)
  • 041:47 Sébastien Léger - Venus (Mistakes)
  • 046:03 Twocker - Chopper (Vacation)
  • 050:51 Mr Whobble - Mr Whobble [plastic mix] (Young NRG Productions)
  • 055:07 Worthy - Work the Walls [Magik Johnson's shake the walls remix] (Anabatic)
  • 060:18 Stephan Weber - Under the Blue Light [Yenn remix] (YARecords)
  • 064:19 Mundyke - Since My Baby Left Me [Lee Mortimer remix] (Audio Punk)
  • 069:35 Deadmau5 vs. Jelo - The Reward is Cheese (Rising Trax)
  • 073:42 Geoff K - Vodka & Sugarfree Redbull [Heavyfeet remix] (Second Session)

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