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Out to Graze festival

James Weston's mixes recorded live in June 2008

Photo of James Weston DJing by Rhiannon Kitson.

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deep & jackin'
58:14 / 40Mb

tech & fidget
70:11 / 48Mb

Out to Graze is a new name for a festival that is in its second year with the same promoters, Simple & Slide, and the same venue, Rookery Farm in Shabbington.  It was a marvellous two-day affair with around 40 live bands and DJs spread across two tents and an outdoor stage.  The weather was good, the people were great and the music was awesome which can only mean good things for next year I hope!

Photo of James Weston by Em Williams.

So there's two mixes for your listening pleasure.  Friday night I leapt at the chance to play an early evening set with some sunset deep and jackin' house selections - I'm quite pleased I got to play these tunes out.  Saturday night I was playing a very nice peak time slot at midnight where the crowd was well into the swing of things - it's starts off a bit techno as that's what I was following on from and builds to the usual fidgety heaviness ;)

These mixes were recorded live on 13th/14th June 2008 in a field in Shabbington near Thame for Simple & Slide.


  • 000:00 Troydon - So Reel (Phonoshuffle)
  • 006:51 Ralf GUM feat. Rachel Claudio - If No Harm [Jinks J Fonk dub] (Gogo)
  • 012:34 Gavin Herlihy - Give Me a Funf (Buzzin' Fly)
  • 019:46 Anonym - Spec Huis (Sushitech)
  • 026:43 Sean Holbrook - Northway (Run Boy Run)
  • 031:26 Pete Doyle pres. The Rock Solid All-Stars - What God Has Chosen [Jimpster instrumental] (Defected)
  • 037:23 Nick Solid - Back to Disco [sliced funk 303 mix] (Groove Baby)
  • 042:08 Drew Tempest - Time to Bump (Trendy Mullet)
  • 046:37 Drew Tempest - Just Because We Like to Jack (Trendy Mullet)
  • 051:02 Stefan Mallmann - Streetwalker (Night Drive)
  • 054:59 Monoman - Feeling Crazy [Lee Mortimer remix] (Baker Street)
  • 000:00 Markus Schatz - Metamorphose (Opossum)
  • 002:09 Mr Whobble - Mr Whobble [plastic mix] (Young NRG Productions)
  • 005:54 Twocker - Chopper (Vacation)
  • 010:23 Worthy - Work the Walls [Magik Johnson's shake the walls remix] (Anabatic)
  • 016:27 Lee Mortimer - Mush (Odori)
  • 021:23 Ryan Riback - Boom [Lee Mortimer remix] (Venga)
  • 027:33 Fake Blood - Mars (Cheap Thrills)
  • 030:16 Riva Starr - Scratch 'n' Itch (Southern Fried)
  • 034:35 Vukasin - I Feel (Jack Union)
  • 038:02 Lee Mortimer - Cook it (Wearhouse)
  • 043:51 Elite Force & Meat Katie - Fabulous Mint 400 [Richard Dinsdale remix] (Lot 49)
  • 048:02 HiJack - No More (Jack Union)
  • 052:17 Mundyke - Since My Baby Left Me [Lee Mortimer remix] (Audio Punk)
  • 057:27 Twocker - Stitch (Vacation)
  • 062:09 Deadmau5 vs. Jelo - The Reward is Cheese (Rising Trax)
  • 066:43 Geoff K - Vodka & Sugarfree Redbull [Heavyfeet remix] (Second Session)

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