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Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

Arcane Sessions with James Weston

guest-mixing on Oxford's FM107.9

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57:46 / 40Mb

It was on the cards for a while but Arcane's Kristen confirmed with me to come in and do a guest mix on their show about nine hours before broadcast!  There's even an impromptu interview as well which I wasn't really expecting but it seemed to come off okay.  And it's annoying how you always remember stuff afterwards that you wish you'd said.  So yeah, that's what I sound like.  This Arcane Sessions show was broadcast between 22:00 and 00:00 on 26th July 2008 with my interview about half an hour in, and my guest mix at the end - the recording has been cropped to include just these bits.


  • 000:00 <chat with Kristen Johnson>
  • 005:13 Cass - Merry Go Round [Tom Mangan remix] (Blu Fin)
  • 009:49 WTF? - Chicken (Xfer)
  • 013:10 Daniele Papini - Church of Nonsense (Big In Ibiza)
  • 018:38 Lee Mortimer - Mush (Odori)
  • 023:51 MPI Project - Here I Am [Twocker's sniper remix] (Sheer)
  • 028:49 Worthy - Work the Walls [Magik Johnson's shake the walls remix] (Anabatic)
  • 034:21 Bass Kleph & Anthony Paul - Helium [Mowgli's less is more remix] (Vacation)
  • 038:40 Giant Jr. - I Want to be Evil [The Young Punx dub] ()
  • 043:32 Vlad Sokolov - Acid for Drains [The Bulgarian remix] (Sokolov Sounds)
  • 048:31 Monoman - Feeling Crazy [Lee Mortimer remix] (Baker Street)
  • 052:05 X-Press 2 feat. David Byrne - Lazy [Mowgli's Wobblin' remix] (Skint)

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