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Simple v. Wahalla

James Weston's mix recorded live in September 2008


It's becoming a bit of a regular thing for Simple in September, and true to form we got the Wahalla boys back in for some deep beats and housey treats, not to mention some twisted acid house.  If that tantalises your taste buds, then check out the podcast I produced for Simple which contains highlights of all our sets.

Now, in the spirit of it being a 'versus' night, I made sure I packed a few punches when I stepped into the proverbial ring and laid down some fidgety, ghetto style house, which is what Simple is all about for me.  What's interesting is that I played off from Si's deep house and then into Kostas's acid house, which was challenging but definitely fun.  So the set peaks in the middle but I think manages to keep the flow of the night :-)

Oh, and as for that photo by Rhiannon Kitson, that's my hairy arm playing vinyl for the first time in ages, probably since the last Simple v. Wahalla as Si Yeats is a vinyl stalwart, whereas I buckled to downloads like a cheap ho!

This mix was recorded live on 6th September 2008 at the Bully in Oxford for Simple and features productions from Nyra, Lee Mortimer, Cops & Robbers, Troydon, Jak Z, Oliver $, Drop the Lime, Daniel Haaksman, Riva Starr, The Martin Brothers, Justin Martin, Ernst Schoemaker, Tom Mangan and WTF?.


  • 000:00 Darius Syrossian & Mundyke - Caspian Man [Nyra remix] (Breakout Audio)
  • 005:38 Monoman - Feeling Crazy [Lee Mortimer remix] (Baker Street)
  • 009:23 Cops & Robbers - Full Throttle (Potty Mouth)
  • 014:45 Troydon - Mad World (Phonoshuffle)
  • 019:52 Lee Mortimer - Putto (Dubsided)
  • 025:18 Lee Mortimer - Moaning & Groaning (Dubsided)
  • 029:41 Jak Z - Far Out (Moda)
  • 033:49 Justin Martin - Ghetto Train [Oliver $ remix] (Utensil)
  • 037:27 DJ Blaqstarr - Shake it to the Ground [Drop the Lime remix] (Mad Decent)
  • 040:47 Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Jennifer - Who's Afraid of Rio? (Man)
  • 045:00 Twocker - Ruffneck [Riva Starr remix] (Big Dirty)
  • 047:45 The Martin Brothers - Full Moon (Dirtybird)
  • 050:47 Christian Martin - Elephant Fight [Justin Martin's jungle remix] (Anabatic)
  • 056:18 Ernst Schoemaker - Do You Know (Down South)
  • 060:18 Cass - Merry Go Round [Tom Mangan remix] (Blu Fin)
  • 064:34 WTF? - Chicken (Xfer)

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