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Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

James Weston at Simple with Filthy Dukes

DJ set recorded live in October 2008 right after the Dukes' DJ set


It's always a great time of year when the students are back in Oxford, not only is the club more densely packed, but it's also exciting to have some new faces to entertain.

For this event I played alongside Filthy Dukes who performed a live act, packing out the tiny Bully stage with loads of keyboards and other trickery and then followed with a DJ set.  Also that night were Plastic Little, a rap group from USA touring wth the Dukes, which really made things interesting, particularly when they announced themselves as a folk band at the start of their act!  And not forgetting my co-resident, Em Williams, who happened to be on warm-up duty this time; my set above is from after the Dukes.  Things actually ran on a fair bit which is why it's only half an hour.  I asked if they wanted to carry on, as they were having so much fun, but Olly kindly insisted I play out the last half hour and there was no hesitation on my part!  Get all the highlights of this night, including the Filthy Dukes' set from the Podcast that I produced.

This mix was recorded live on 4th October 2008 at the Bully in Oxford for Simple and features productions/remixes from Drop the Lime, Northie, HeavyFeet, Switch, HiJack, The Bulgarian, Idiotproof, and Underworld.  Artwork in the player is photography by Claire Williams.


  • 000:00 DJ Blaqstarr - Shake it to the Ground [Drop the Lime remix] (Mad Decent)
  • 005:38 Ruckus & Dupe - G-Raff [Northie remix] (Vinyl Pusher)
  • 009:23 Klaus Hill - Dirt Diver [HeavyFeet remix] (Potty Mouth)
  • 014:45 Hot Chip - Hold On [Switch LA remix] (EMI)
  • 019:52 Natty Jack - Jackin da Garage [HiJack remix] (Wearhouse)
  • 025:18 Urban Monkeys - Disfunktional Caterpillar [The Bulgarian remix] (Second Session)
  • 029:41 Audio Bullys - Flickery Vision [Idiotproof remix] (Vizo)
  • 033:49 Underworld - Two Months Off (Junior Boys Own)

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