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Live at Simple before Digitalism

A DJ set recorded live in May 2009 right before Jens Digitalism's set

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All this Spring, Simple has been celebrating ten years since its humble beginnings around the bars of Oxford. Now Simple has been a firm fixture at the Bullingdon for over five years.  So in May we had a special DJ-set from Digitalism, a very popular live outfit from Germany.  It didn't sell out in advance like the Erol Alkan gig, and some could say because of the current economic climate, but it sold out on the door!  The atmosphere was electric and made warming up that much more enjoyable.  Jens of Digitalism was due to go on at 2am but was delayed so I got to play an extra half hour, 1am-2.30am.  All I can say is wow, and thanks.  It's probably my most favourite experience DJing since Out to Graze last year.  The crowd was very excitable, including one girl in particular..!  Shan't forget that in a hurry!  I think probably more due to anticipation of Digitalism.  Anyway, have a listen and make up your own mind.

This mix was recorded live on 9th May 2009 at the Bully in Oxford for Simple and features productions/remixes from Lee Mortimer, Santiago & Bushido, DJEdjotronic, KiNK, Riva Starr, The Bulgarian, Jesse Rose, Daniel Haaksman, HiJack, Foamo, Calvertron and me! Scroll down for tracklist.

Artwork in the player is photography by Claire Williams.  Also, here's a video gone 4am at the end of the night after I'd played and Jens was finishing up his set...


  • 000:00 Jon-E Industry - Look Out [The Incredible Melting Man remix] (Nu Industry)
  • 004:20 Lee Mortimer - This is Real Shit [James Weston's royal flush remix] (Wearhouse)
  • 009:50 Santiago & Bushido - Can't Be Wrong [Johnny Fiasco remix] (Potty Mouth)
  • 015:33 Tiga - Shoes [DJEdjotronic remix] (Different)
  • 019:10 Dance Area - A/A/24/7 [Schizofonics remix] () download
  • 023:00 Jaymo - Tuned in Live (Rising)
  • 028:08 The Bulgarian - This is How [KiNK remix] (Erase)
  • 033:00 Radioclit - Secousse [Riva Starr remix] (Mental Groove)
  • 038:23 Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas - Shingaling (Great Stuff)
  • 043:36 Wongo - Work This [Lee Mortimer remix] (Jack Union)
  • 048:24 Wasabi feat. Rochelle Vincente von K & Product 01 - Dirty Disco Lovr [The Bulgarian mix] (Erase)
  • 051:54 Magik Johnson - Move [Jesse Rose's Made to Play edit] (Southern Fried)
  • 057:53 Solo - Joga Bola [Riva Starr rechunk] ()
  • 062:41 Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Jennifer - Who's Afraid of Rio? (Man)
  • 067:15 HiJack - Keep it Real (Potty Mouth)
  • 072:03 Foamo - Wardance (Skint)
  • 075:33 Calvertron - Car Thief (Wearhouse)
  • 081:04 Jack Beats feat. MC Dynamite - What [Foamo unreleased mix] (Cheaper Thrills)
  • 084:35 Lee Mortimer feat. MC Flipside - That Thing [vocal mix] (CR2)
  • 088:47 Dave Spoon - Lummox (Televizion)

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