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Live at Simple after Erol Alkan

A DJ set recorded live in December 2009 right after Erol Alkan's set (published March 2010)

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I've found it! A few months back I had one of those gut wrenching moments; my hard disk failed. Luckily, after a lost weekend, I came out of it without losing any data (I think), except I couldn't find this mix. Anyway it's here now so I'll spare you all the technical details. However, if you find my sanity kicking around anywhere, post it on, thanks :)

This was one of those very special nights, and that is usually the case when Erol Alkan pops by. The line-up had me playing right after Erol; he played what has often been described as an epic set, but there were many other factors which made it special. The Bully's backroom is a dark and dingy environment - perfect for a rave up. When Simple comes in though, we spice things up with our own more powerful soundsystem; a lazer, which Erol insisted should only be turned on midway through his set when some acid lines dropped, much to the promoter's dismay; and a fog machine. Erol got hold of the fog controls and was merciless; it was zero visibility and calls of "mayday, mayday" could be heard through the shroud.

I had a tough act to follow, but folks seemed to enjoy my set too, and loads of you stayed till the very end of the night shouting for more. It ranks right up there with my experience with Digitalism earlier in the year, and a set I played after Fake Blood at the O2 Academy the month before this (sadly not recorded, but the memory is strong). You may notice my set gets a bit emo' towards the end, but that was the vibe of the night. It was one of those moments where everything fit just right. Hugs all round =)

This mix was recorded live on 5th December 2009 at the Bully in Oxford for Simple and features productions/remixes from Aspin & Dipace, SonicC, Riva Starr, Mightyfools, HiJack, Drop The Lime, Lee Mortimer, Magik Johnson, Riton, Diplo, Boy 8-Bit... Scroll down for tracklist.

Artwork in the player is photography by Claire Williams.

Track list

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  • 000:00 Eddi Zanetti & Jackinori - Bust Dis [Aspin & Dipace's something like that remix] (Wearhouse)
  • 005:16 Daniele Papini - Church of Nonsense (Big In Ibiza) download
  • 008:44 Mom & Dad - Judas [SonicC remix] (Legacy Kids Club) download
  • 013:16 Plump DJs - My Hi Tops [Riva Starr bass mix] (GU) download
  • 016:43 Riva Starr - Trompe D'Amour (Made to Play) download
  • 018:34 Mightyfools - Clean It (Potty Mouth) download
  • 021:47 Adam Freeland - Morning Sun [HiJack remix] ()
  • 027:27 Moby - One Time We Lived [HiJack's one time remix] (Little Idiot) download
  • 029:33 Drop The Lime - Set Me Free [Harvard Bass remix] (Trouble & Bass) download
  • 033:13 Eddi Zanetti & Jackinori - Bust Dis [Lee Mortimer remix] (Wearhouse)
  • 038:39 Magik Johnson - Stand Up (Potty Mouth) download
  • 042:54 TLGB - Incredibly Soft (Venga) download
  • 047:06 Delphic - Doubt [Riton vox rerub] (Polydor)
  • 051:10 Drop The Lime - Devil's Eyes [Diplo's way too lon mad remix] (Trouble & Bass) download
  • 056:45 Florence & The Machine - Drumming Song [Boy 8-Bit remix] () download
  • 061:15 Chase & Status - End Credits (Vertigo) download

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