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Live at Switch & Simple with Eats Everything

A DJ set recorded live in May 2014 for Switch & Simple in Oxford

My set recorded live from Switch & Simple's event, warming up for Eats Everything with an early doors set on Friday 30 May 2014 at the O2 Academy Oxford between 10pm-11pm.

I kinda sat on this recording for a bit because I went on holiday the day after this event, and I've been getting a bit enthralled by the World Cup, but it's here now.  To my delight the main stage was set upstairs for this event.  It brought back some great memories of playing for Slide when the venue was once called The Zodiac; a night at which I got my first taste of Oxford clublife, and thanks in part to a certain Ben Morgan.

People started piling into the main room at around a third of the way through my set and my experience of this venue gave me some confidence in front of the Switch crowd who were new to me, building gently before Em Williams stepped up to be followed by Eats; I'd pretty much picked the set list in its entirety before I played it out and popped in a classic in the form of Style Of Eye from way back when he hadn't gone all EDM.  I've gotta say, I'm pleased with how the mix came out.

Big thanks to MaxQuerade & Mac White for having me down.  Top night.


Track list

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  • Roberto Rodriguez - Pom (Serenades) download *
  • Yan Brauer - Find The Answer (Maze) download
  • Yunome feat. Rouba - Stop Running (Oh So Coy) download
  • Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge - Wanna Know (Borrowed Music)
  • Vernon & Dacosta - About Our Music (AMA) download
  • Pezzner - All Night Dancing Party (Systematic) download
  • Noise Frenzy - LA Groovin' (Mycrazything) download
  • Dominic Martin - Striving For Truth (Lost My Dog) download
  • Oliver Schories - Circles [Niko Schwind remix] (Der Turnbeutel) download
  • Danism & Rae - Gimme Love (Nocturnal Groove) download
  • Style Of Eye - Grab It Now (Physical Graffiti)
  • Shadow Child - Steak Fingers (Food Music) download
  • Darius Syrossian feat. DJ Assault - Tear The Club Up () download

* Roberto Rodriguez's Pom does not feature in the SoundCloud version.  SoundCloud censored a track at the beginning of my mix due to an automated copyright claim so I've had to crop the first 4m30s of it.

Yay, my first 'copyright claim'.  Woo... :/  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand I appreciate the owner of the recording (usually a record label, not an artist individually) wanting to protect/monetise intellectual property—I aspire to be a producer—but on the other hand, in an industry that thrives on the underground breaking new artists into the mainstream, is this just sticking two fingers to us?  Using automated systems to detect and protect content is a blunt instrument.  Whereas it effectively prevents individual songs being copied and reproduced, it also prevents the promotion of songs through mixtapes and podcasts.  Look around: the big guys seem to have no problem publishing mixes/podcasts/radio show recordings week in week out.  Then again, maybe the big names find it easier to seek permission because it's a bit of a clique.  I'm surprised I managed to stay under the radar this long, but to be caught out by an independent label..?  I've tried asking but no response yet.  If I get permission I'll replace the file on SoundCloud, so for now I've cropped it and you can get the original from the 'alternative download' link above.

Disclaimer: free dj mix downloads on this site are strictly for educational use in order to audition James’s technical ability, style and selection as a specialist underground House Music Disc Jockey.  The files on offer are not meant as a distribution of copyrighted works and are presented in such a way that individual tracks cannot be extracted.  Track lists here serve to credit and promote the featured artists’ work, and encourage the legal purchase of individual tracks.