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Video live at Simple's May Day Party before Pearson Sound (Apr 2015)

A DJ set video recorded live with crowd ambience in Oxford

Inspired by Boiler Room and Chew TV, I decided to capture not only the audio but also the visual of one of my sets.  This is the full package, so to speak, and I hope you enjoy.  I can't say I'm particularly excited about it, as it's only one camera angle.  And I wasn't keen on the setup with the CDJs being miles apart.  How long can you actually watch a DJ from a static point of view?  However, I reckon this visual aspect would be pretty good for an added dimension when putting on a mix at a house party.  Not only have you music, but a DJ on your TV too!

This was a pretty epic party; The Bullingdon was rammed as Simple's May Day parties are usually.  I've fond memories of afterwards playing the last two hours in the front bar with Tim Gore and hammering out a long, cross-fader fuelled, transition with his copy of Bucketheads "The Bomb" on vinyl, all the while daylight was breaking and the morning commute got underway outside.

If you're at all curious I recorded this on an old Canon IXUS with a magnetic tripod.  And the longest video recording it can achieve in one file is one hour, so that was handy!

Track list

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  • 000:00 Maison Sky - Dedo's Song (Materials) download
  • 006:08 Ta Ice - Timeless Fossil (Room 38) download
  • 010:14 Kody Monroe - Still Rolling [Juliche Hernandez remix] (Beagle Traxx) download
  • 015:36 Pezzner - The Island Fantastic (Visionquest) download
  • 021:14 Sven Tasnadi - Waste Time (20:20 Vision) download
  • 025:54 Mark Jenkyns feat. MC Chickaboo - On Me [12 Stories remix] (Hot Creations) download
  • 030:44 Onno & Okain - Set Me Back (Upon You) download
  • 036:47 Kalyde - OB (Madtech) download
  • 041:46 Shenoda - Yorkie (Man Make Music) download
  • 046:23 Mak & Pasteman - Stagger (Materials) download
  • 052:00 Tom Demac - RIP Vogel (Aus Music) download
  • 057:30 Kill Frenzy & Justin Jay - Momentum (Pets Edits) download
  • 063:23 Albert Alonso - Crazy Mermaid (Ahoren) download

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