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Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

Loony Lounge Lark (Redux)

Lose yourself in the after-hours. A studio DJ mixtape from May 2005

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One from the vaults!*  I've decided it's about time I produced another studio mixtape.  This is my most recent one I've published and it's creaking at just shy of four years old!  I guess the reason why I haven't produced one in so long is because I put a lot of time and effort into selecting the right tracks, making it sound listenable, I mean like on repeat, and also making it reasonably future-proof, i.e. avoiding one-hit-wonders and bangers!  It's pensive, reflective and mood-enhancing (I think!).

* Re-published March 2009; better quality MP3!  Allergy advice: contains vinyl.


  • 000:00 Laura Comfort - Mountain [downstairs mix] (Untraxx)
  • 004:05 Zoo Brazil feat. Emma - Tonight [Steve Mac mix] (Variation test press)
  • 012:17 Miguel Migs - Remember [bump the tech mix] (NRK)
  • 015:36 Situation 2wo - If U Can’t Sleep (RIP)
  • 020:51 Soul Central - Strings of Life [Funky Lowlives remix] (Defected)
  • 026:00 Roomsa feat. Lady Sarah - Sunrise (Come With Me) [JT’s Bassmental Vocal] (Salted)
  • 030:37 Subterfuge & Tony Thomas - Gettin’ Serious (Lost My Dog)
  • 035:44 Unknown artist - U Can’t Go Wrong [part 3] ()
  • 042:06 The Jackford Files - Make U Jack ()
  • 048:14 Global Communication - The Way [Secret Ingredients mix] ()
  • 053:35 Soldiers of Twilight - Drive On [RK’s mix] (Serial)
  • 059:42 Miguel Migs - Making Moves (NRK)

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