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Who is this doin’ this synthetic type o’ alpha beta psychedelic funkin’?
Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

James Weston showcasing Inland Knights on Slide Show radio

A guest-mix recorded live on Oxford's FM107.9 in February 2009


This weekend was pretty busy and kick-started the year for me personally!  My highlight was having Inland Knights down at the Bully in Oxford for Simple, along with the Wahalla lads.  My co-resident Em and I joined Slide Show in the studios of Oxford's FM107.9 to shout about the night and generally cause some mischief!  This is an excerpt from my bit of the show where I picked some of my favourite Inland Knights tracks in the mix.


  • 000:00 <chat with Rich Smith>
  • 002:28 Inland Knights - Rack Me Up (Drop Music)
  • 007:52 Inland Knights - Straight Up (Raise)
  • 013:17 Inland Knights - Wait a While (Drop Music)
  • 018:07 Natural Rhythm feat. Sandra Lima - So Bad (Guesthouse)
  • 022:57 Jamie Anderson - Time is Now [Inland Knights extended club mix] (NRK)
  • 027:17 Sound Republic & J Todd - Imaginary Lover [Inland Knights remix] (Spatula City)

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