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Who is this doin’ this synthetic type o’ alpha beta psychedelic funkin’?
Elektrobank by The Chemical Brothers

Simple pres. Duke Dumont

James Weston's mix recorded live in November 2007

Photo of James Weston DJing, Rhiannon Kitson.

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pt1: deep house
68:25 / 31Mb

pt2: fidget & acid
61:15 / 28Mb

Part one of this of this double mix download is an early-doors set, so expect some proper deep House grooves.  It was recorded between around 22:00 to 23:00 and features productions from the likes of Inland Knights, Fish Go Deep, The Timewriter, Solid Groove and Natural Rhythm.  Also, if you like it deep, put my Loony Lounge Lark on your listening list of things to do.

Part two is a late slot which only the hardened Simple regulars stick around for; it starts off quite punchy and fidgety—that was following on from Duke Dumont—then moves into some good ol' acid House ;)  It was recorded between 03:00-04:00 and features productions from the likes of Lee Mortimer, Sébastien Léger, Alex Young and Johnny Fiasco.  There's also a couple of classics as treats; see if you can spot them :)

Geeky note: now, I hope you'll forgive me but my mixing gets a little rough around the edges towards the end of part two's mix.  I haven't had much chance to practice yet on creating 8-beat loops on the fly using a CDJ 1000 Mk3; I tend to throw myself in at the deep-end on such things!

Photo of James Weston DJing, Rhiannon Kitson.

Both mixes were recorded live on 17th November 2007 in The Backroom @ The Bully in Oxford for Simple.


Part 1
  • 000:00 Trevor Loveys - The Crossing (Dubsided)
  • 005:09 Inland Knights - Rack Me Up (Drop Music)
  • 012:03 Audio Soul Project - Community [Fish Go Deep vocal mix] (NRK)
  • 018:24 Roland van den Toorn - Yoghurette [Replika's tasty dub] (Taboo)
  • 022:27 John Dahlbäck feat. Erika Gellermark - Nothing is For Real [Askesian Society remix] (Toolroom)
  • 028:48 Budai & Vic - I Love Deep [The Timewriter remix] (I Love Deep)
  • 034:53 Matt Fine - Deep Cuts (Casual Kickback)
  • 042:00 Black Joy - Untitled [Solid Groove remix] (Freerange)
  • 047:42 Natural Rhythm feat. Sandra Lima - So Bad (Guesthouse)
  • 052:16 Inland Knights - Straight Up (Raise)
  • 057:52 Lee Mortimer - Totally Rewired (white)
  • 063:58 Chuck Love - Beatdown [Troydon floor shaker] (Om)
Part 2
  • 000:00 Vukasin - I Feel (Jack Union)
  • 004:28 Prztz - Nut Disco [Duckbeats so yo dub] (.dotbleep)
  • 005:20 HiJack - No More (Jack Union)
  • 010:20 Lee Mortimer - Cook it (Wearhouse)
  • 014:25 Speculum - Nympho [Mowgli mix] (Used & Abused)
  • 020:44 Sébastien Léger - Mars (Mistakes)
  • 026:55 Alex Young - Vitamin Funk (Strike)
  • 029:38 Alex Young - Cheeky (Strike)
  • 033:50 Bassmonkeys feat. Naomi Marsh - The Answer [Steve Mac acid dub] (Fierce Angel)
  • 040:01 Chemical Brothers - Three Little Birdies Down Beats (Virgin)
  • 043:59 Sista Stroke - La Pussa [Johnny Fiasco remix] (Dust Traxx)
  • 048:27 Johnny Fiasco - My House (Control)
  • 052:40 Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco [Martin Brothers thizzy disco remix] (IO)
  • 057:15 Leftfield - Not Forgotten [Hard Hands remix] (Outer Rhythm)

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